The Utz lab is a research group within the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton. It is one of five research groups that together make up the magnetic resonance research section at the University (MagRes@Soton).

Our research mainly concerns the study of live systems (cells, tissues, and small animals) by nuclear magnetic resonance. We are developing miniaturised “Lab-on-a-chip” devices for the culture of such biological systems, and integrate them with in-situ observation by nuclear magnetic resonance. This combination of microfluidic culture technology with advanced nuclear magnetic resonance techniques provides unique insight into the metabolic processes of life. Our work is motivated by applications across the life sciences, in particular in drug discovery and safety testing, and in the development of disease models.

Other research areas include the study of complex materials such as hydrogels, solid polymers, and composites. We are also actively contributing to an effort to develop a novel approach to neurostimulation of the spinal cord.